You made a great investment that will cut the costs of your heating and electricity bill and help to protect the environment. Solar panels are made to last at least 30 years, or more. Over the course of time though, bird droppings, dust and pollution can get baked in on the glass and actually lower the output.

So, how do you double the output? Of course, if your solar panels are dirty- by having them cleaned. There was a study done by Google on the effect of cleaning the solar panels at their facilities, and the output before and after the cleaning, and the results were phenomenal.

 What you will see is pretty amazing.

So, what is the absolute best way to clean your solar panels? If your set up is at an angle maintenance is required. Many suggest to use Just a garden hose and rinse the dust off. While this is effective to some degree, the problem is the TDS (total dissolved solids) in the water. Just running regular hose water will not clean the glass on the surface, only rinse the dust off the glass.

The process to cleaning your solar panels is very much the same as it is for window cleaning. After all, the photovoltaic cells are protected by a glass window. You can not clean the windows with a garden hose, you know what will happen; it?s going to leave a bunch of spots. Which in the long run will reduce the output just as it would if your panels were dirty.

What about the baked in contaminants?

Especially if your solar panels lay flat, or at a very slight angle they need to be maintained.


The best possible way to clean those panels is by using a pure water system and a water fed pole. Purification systems bring the TDS of the water to zero, and the water fed pole can clean the angled panels from the ground in most cases removing all contaminants (if regularly maintained). On roofs or areas where the panels lay flat or at a slight angle, the same system is used, which makes the cleaning fast, efficient, Eco friendly and affordable.