No matter how dirty your render or building has become we have the expertise to make it look like new again. Visitors to your building see clean or dirty areas. We agree clean is better. Have you wondered how you we can successfully remove algae staining from your rendered or cladded building? Although modern through colour render, such as K-rend and Weber monocouche, are often installed as a maintenance free finish to both domestic and commercial buildings. They will, in our experience, require periodic cleaning to eradicate the build-up of moss, algae and day to day pollution that wears the building down.

Algae staining can take the form of green, red or black in colour and left to grow over time can cover whole elevations of a building. It is important to clean the building before the algae staining becomes too thick, as sometimes the algae can start to eat away at the render which can leave permanent damage to the finish of the render and of course it looks unsightly to the eye.







The very best and safest way to clean K Rend Render is to first spray or brush on a suitable biocide which has been formulated specifically to clean the K Render. Then pressure washing the whole of the K Rend to ensure that all atmospheric pollutants have been cleaned and removed effectively as the biocide will only kill off the organic matter. So many cleaning companies do not know how to clean buildings correctly therefore it can be costly to you in the long run.


99% of all K Rend rendered buildings that Apex Cleaning Services have cleaned have had both organic matter (algae, moss) growth and (carbon pollution) staining which is very clear to see on domestic roof tops. Therefore using just a biocide will not get the results you are looking for on your buildings K Rendered surfaces. Try Before You Buy – FREE K REND SAMPLE CLEAN for all K Rend Cleaning enquiries for larger buildings such as offices and apartment blocks. We offer this service so we can see the results and of course fully understand what is required before we submit your tailored quotation. You can then see for yourself why we are the preferred choice for companies.