Commercial window cleaners can give your office an image makeover. With high competition in the world of business, showing a professional front is extremely important. Everything starts from cleanliness. Even if the building is free from dirt and visibly clean, dirty windows have a negative result on your image. It is important to give as much focus on this aspect of maintenance as you do on others.





In order to get in an edge on competition and improve business prospects, it is important for companies to have positive influence on vendors, partners, potential, and existing clients. Every part of your office needs to be thoroughly clean, bright, shining and this includes your windows. Irrespective of the type and location, our commercial cleaning solutions will make the dirtiest window appear like new. You do not need to worry if it is hard to reach or located at heights.

Our employees have the expertise to work with the most difficult projects.

What is more, our staff at APEX CLEANING SERVICES will not disrupt your normal work in the process. We are magicians and work around offices almost invisibly. Often we use after work hours and even manipulate situations in a way that normal office work progresses as does our project. Through the years we have worked for all types of commercial buildings such as,

  • nursing homes and other healthcare institutes

  • shops, stores, retail houses, big showrooms

  • schools and other educational Institute


Our exceptional services are meant to impress our clients and their visitors. You can depend upon us for,

  • low rises and high rise building windows

  • structure and facade cleaning

  • canopy roof cleaning

  • facade panel and stainless steel cleaning

  • inspection report of facades

  • work in confined spaces

  • stain removal


One of the vital parts of property maintenance is commercial APEX CLEANING SERVICES. This ensures a bright office, low utility bills, and happy environment.


We promise to give you this and, remember we are just one call away at 07783 540 895.


Want to enhance the look of your commercial place?


Being an owner of a business, you too would like to create a good impression on your clients, customers and prospects. You will have to keep many things into account in order to create a good picture in front of them. Keeping your commercial place clean and tidy will help you in depicting a good image in front of your clients, customers and visitors.

Along with keeping a close look at every part of your business place, you also need to take care of your windows.             The windows of your commercial place will need regular cleaning if you want to enhance the look of your business place.

Apex Cleaning Services can help you have clean, clear and shinning windows at your business premises. We promise that our services will greatly enhance the appearance and feel of your commercial premises.

Apex Cleaning Services is a renowned company that offers exceptional services of commercial window cleaning in Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire. We are passionate about our work and our clients.

We are a collective team of experienced and professional commercial window cleaners who know how to clean any type of windows. We are friendly with our customers and make sure that we do not disrupt the normal, routine working of your business while we are working at your premises. We use all latest equipment and technology to give you the best services of commercial window cleaning in surrounding areas.

We hold the expertise to clean windows in any type of commercial building, be it a hospital, an office, a retailer, a showroom or a school. Being professional commercial window cleaners, we understand the importance of our work to your business. We know that you want to impress your clients and customers. So, we would strive to offer you exceptional services of window cleaning.

Do not hesitate to ask any questions that you may have regarding your window cleaning project. We would answer all your queries in a very effective manner. We always keep safety at the forefront of our services. No window cleaning job is big or small for us. We will offer you top services without causing any damage to your commercial property. Our expert commercial window cleaners would love to hear from you.

We are here to help you in a better way!