We use a non aggressive method on roofs that have moss, algae and lichen problems that we call softwashing. Softwashing is the application of our specialist biocide that is both effective and safe to use and it has no affects on construction materials. We apply our product using our specialist, pumped injection system that mixes our product with water at the correct dose and we simply brush it onto your roof. We never pressure wash roofs as this can damage roofs and normally requires people to walk on roofs which we never do.

The product works within a few hours and kills the moss, algae and lichen but the process gently works over around four months or less and then you will see a ‘clean roof’ appearance. The process is effective and although it takes time, it will definitely make the appearance of your roof looked virtually restored to new! For roofs covered in moss, the moss will need to be scraped off before we apply our product but we can organise for this to be done which is quoted for separately.






The Process

When we look at any roof, we always carry out the following process:

  1. Carry out a full visual roof survey and complete a risk assessment.

  2. Broadly identify the type of organism that is colonising your roof.

  3. Remove moss. (For  heavy moss problems, we would always seek to contract this work out)

  4. Cover all areas around the roof with a suitable covering.

  5. Safely apply our product.

  6. Rinse roof (if required)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you charge to take a look at my roof? No, all surveys are free of charge.

  • Will your product harm my roof? – No, we use a safe, non aggressive product that has an excellent environmental footprint. Our product does not damage the material being treated and there is no physical alteration of the surface.

  • Will I see instant results? No, due the non aggressive nature of our product, it will take a number of months for the roof to look restored. Immediate results normally means potentially damaging pressure washing or the use of harsh chemicals.

  • Do you pressure wash our roof? No, we do not pressure wash roofs as this can cause damage and it will mean that someone has to walk on your roof. We use normal tap water pressure to apply mix and apply our product.

  • Is your product safe to homeowners, animals and your own team? Yes, its safe for our team, the occupier and domestic animals.

  • Do you walk on my roof? No, we do no walk on roofs.

  • How many people carry out the work? We always have two team members when carry our roof softwashing.

  • Do you remove any moss? Yes, we remove all moss from your roof.

  • Can you undertake any roof repairs? No, we are not a roofing company and we prefer for professional roof installers to carry out any repairs.  

  • Can moss on my roof be damaging? Yes, moss generally grows in the vertical joint between tiles, often at the tail end. The end result is increased water ingress where tiles overlap which can damage the fixings and timber battens.